Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finishing up my first month at facebook

And it has been an exhausting month at that. Trying to fit everything you want to say into about 400 characters. . . . Recognizing that no one will ever get a full view of a comment without clicking. Saying hi-bye with a like click. Somehow, it's also got me downloading youtubes like krezzy. (On dialup, it's about an hour for a minute ~~ Hence the 4 minute version of Mozart's Concerto Number 3 for Horns instead of the 8 minute version. . . .)

But. Told you that to tell you this. After a sleepless night, got up and hit the nets. All my bloggy places are asleep, so I hit my bookmarks. One of my favs, but she doesn't blog much had a new badge on her blog, so I hit that. That place had a facebook page, so I hit that. One of the likes of that lady is a place called Duct Tape Marketing. When I got there, a friend of mine in Tokyo also likes it. Might could say "small world." But that would be a bit obvious, eh?

Must be the full moon.


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Just caught this, lol! Grin. . . .