Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 12:34 PM, EDT

My work switched insurance companies on July 1. I had several conversations and e-mails to make sure everything would continue to be covered. It has not been a fun process, and in the end is costing us a little more money in premiums and copays; but Ally is still covered (and that is all that really matters, as we are up into the millions for her treatment). Today the new insurance company made me laugh. A few weeks ago I called them to get her 9 prescriptions transferred. They prefer her meds to be shipped via UPS to us, rather than use the local pharmacy (or pharmy, as Ally calls it). So, yesterday I called to make sure they could send us next month's meds (we only needed the 2 she uses on a daily basis). She said they had already been sent out (the two we needed and another we use sometimes) and we should be getting them soon. They came today. Six huge bottles. Four of which are full of the same medicine. A medicine we have literally used 2 times (2.5 mls worth, each time). We now have 1800 mls of something we have used twice in the last 6 months......Ahhh the joys of miscommunication.

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