Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 4:13 PM, EDT

I finally got a hold of someone in NYC to find out the results of Ally's HAMA at 3:30 today. She is still positive. Grrrr. BUT, they did say her level is coming down, so we do NOT have to do another round of Rituximab! We just get to hang out for 3 weeks and retest her HAMA then. I am very much looking forward to nothing to do for 3 weeks (even though I have to work every day next week).

Today Ally was also screened for preschool. Turns out she is wicked smart! She had no problems with any of the tasks they asked her to perform, and she was not painfully shy, just extremely shy with the teacher. There were even a lot of skills she has that they didn't even look for, such as letter and number recognition and saying the ABC's. The teacher said it was the fastest screening she had done all summer. The preschool is not full yet, so it looks like Ally will be able to attend in the fall; but if there are more children signing up as the summer progresses, that have more academic needs than Ally, she may not be able to go. It makes me so happy and I kind of want to stick my tongue out at the stupid tumor and say something like:, "Ha ha stupid tumor, Ally wins AGAIN!" Small victories are sweet.

I will keep you posted with the preschool situation (we still have to talk to her doctors about that) and all of our fun adventures. Thanks for all your thoughts about the HAMA test today...good news that it is dropping!

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