Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 6:12 PM, EDT

Let me start by saying: we do not have test results.
Here is why:

Ally had to do a urine collection this time around. If you have been reading our story for a while, you know that the 4 hour urine back sucks and usually ends with a spill. Well....Ally is potty trained now! So, the plan was to get her last pee before bed, and then her first pee in the morning, in a "hat", in a toilet. This is fine, no problem. Here is the catch: for this particular urine collection she was not allowed to eat anything with chocolate, vanilla, citrus or tomatoes. This meant she could not have her overnight feeds, as the formula is vanilla flavored.

So, when Daddy and Ally got to the hospital they drew some blood. This was around 9:00AM. Her scan was scheduled for 10:30. At 11:30, they finally came and got Ally and said there would be no scan because her blood sugar was 19, they can't put her under with that low of a level, and they don't do that particular scan after 11:00.

They let a 3 year old sit in a waiting room for over an hour (they should have had those critical results by 10:00) with an dangerously low blood sugar.

Daddy did some stern talking about their lack of not coming to get her with such a critical value. They hooked her up to an IV, to get her blood sugar up (the whole time she is still not allowed to eat). Then Daddy had a talk with the doctor (who has been very incompassionate toward our family in the past) who was very compassionate today, and promised, if her blood sugar came up and she was alert and ready to go, they would get the scan and bone marrow in today. However, since the scan would be very late in the day, they will not have results until tomorrow. Ally finally got her scan at 2:30 this afternoon. She was out until 4:30. Then she ate 2 peanut butter cups. The last time she had anything to eat was around 7PM the night before.

Today Ally was cranky. Good for her.

Daddy is my hero...I guess I owe him a back massage. I love them both very much.

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