Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010 6:41 PM, EDT

It is very nice to have Daddy and Ally home!

The Rituximab went well yesterday, and the only side effect we see right now is a wicked cough. This is a very common side effect. We are not sure how long it is going to last, but hopefully not too long. Ally also has a runny nose, but that happened before the Rituximab, so we are guessing it is from something else.

Today, the train was very crowded and Daddy and Ally accidentally got stuck in the "quiet car" on the train. Ally did a great job keeping her voice down, even with the one hour delay.
She has fallen right back into her old routines, and I am loving it.

Daddy told me Ally got several (more than usual) compliments on how pretty, angelic, sweet, etc. she was. Even the doctor whom I am not so fond of, but made a better impression on Daddy this time around, did a double take and said how striking Ally was. Of course we already know how awesome and beautiful Ally is, but it is nice when a stranger crosses the room to compliment your child.

Another compliment Ally got was about any upcoming CT scans that will happen at MSKCC. They were very impressed with how well behaved she was and how well she took direction. So, the next time she needs a CT scan down there they are going to try it with her awake. A parent is allowed to stay in the room with her, and wear a protective vest. They do keep anesthesia in the room, just in case Ally can't handle it. They like to start with the CT scan, because it is quick and the machine is not too loud. This would be a great bonus, and hopefully it will mean less time under anesthesia!

I think she grew taller in the 4 days she was gone. She now weighs 25 and a half pounds!!!
Next week we need to get a blood draw on Ally, and then she has a second dose of Rituximab on the 30th.

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend!
Happy Father's Day!

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