Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ba Da Boom!

Thursday, June 24, 2010 3:13 PM, EDT

When Ally was in New York last week she had her blood drawn and one of the surprises (other than the critically low blood sugar) was a low ANC. For those of you that remember, Ally needed an ANC of 500 to get out of the hospital after her stem cell transplant, and it took her about a month to get that high, after the super high dose chemo. We have not really been worried about her ANC lately, because she is not doing chemo, and the 3f8 does not lower counts. So, everyone was really surprised when her ANC came out at 400 last week BEFORE the Rituximab (which does lower counts a bit). Our oncologist up here was a little worried about such low counts because we are giving her Rituximab next Wednesday and chemo on Thursday. So......Ally had her blood drawn this morning. Her ANC is 2000!!! It must have been a fluke last week, or there may have been saline in the line...who knows? The important part is Ally is good to go next week. We are going to get blood drawn on Monday or Tuesday just to make sure she is stable.

Her cough from the first dose of Rituximab is slowly going away, and her runny nose is slowing down as well. I am hoping they are gone before our treatments next week.

It has been nice being home with Ally these past 2 days (school got out for me around noon on Tuesday).....even with the medication making her emotions sensitive. She is very cuddly, which is nice, except with the sticky heat.

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