Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Friday

Let us

plant lettuce

seed or soul

to green with burial

with birth or resurrection.

Potato crop from a Good Friday start.

Old farmers gathered on the church step

Easter Sunday comparing seeding oats

with another warm spring

twenty years ago

twenty centuries ago


Phil Specht on Apr 2, 2010 7:04 AM EDT


hannah said...

Happy Easter--

I'm jealous that Phil never visits Hannah to leave his precious poems. :)

Stole it anyway.

Shelley said...

I really like the sense of time in this piece.

And may I add that this blog has the most, most lovely visuals!

puddle said...

Monica, he visits Hannah often, and reminds peeps it's there. ~grin~ And I just steal them from the blog for here.

And, Shelley, thank you, and it's wonderful to have you back!!

hannah said...

Well, all right. If we're all thieving, that's OK. :)