Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 12:12 PM, EDT

Ally's treatment happened much earlier today. When I called Daddy around 11:15 Ally was resting. He said the pain lasted for about an hour today. Yuck. She kept saying, "Pain, get out of here, SCRAM!" Even when in a stinky situation Ally is the best! Yesterday after the pain subsided Ally fell into a grunty kind of sleep. Daddy said today her sleep was much more peaceful. She did get some itchy hives today, and the nurses said they will probably progress and get more and more each day. They do give her meds for the hives. Daddy said that even though the pain lasted much longer today, he felt more and better prepared to console her throughout.

Last night they did make it to the Sock Hop. Ally was a bit grumpy to start, but eventually just chilled and watched all the fun. She got to leave with a bag of candy.

Here is the most interesting part of our story:
This morning Daddy told Ally that they would need to go back to the hospital again. She said, "Ok." He then told her they would be doing the same treatment as yesterday. She said, "Ok." He said there would pain again. She said, "Pain?" She didn't remember the pain at all! The doctors said that would happen, but we just didn't believe them. Let's hope her amnesia keeps up.

3 more days of treatment. The plan is more pain meds tomorrow, which is good for the pain, but will cause her more hives.

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