Saturday, February 27, 2010

Was found a whole entire dinosaur
with a footprint of a sandal in
its stomach. And a sober tooth tyger

with a song in his ear
The unicorns dead drunk on
pomegranate wine missed the boat

Did yaweh, wishing to sacrifice a son,
need to create a race of imperfect beings
whose future deeds would need atonement?

All, all things I need must know
before I can take a bowl of stew
to an elderly neighbor

which must be settled before
I comfort a weeping child

except the bread rises in its bowl
and needs attending to
Man, am I rapture-ready!



Anonymous said...

My sincere hope is that everyone who is sure they will be among the "raptured" WILL be! Then we might actually get to have peace on Earth. Or as close to Heaven as I'd like to get while still living.

Susan D

puddle said...

Lol! My fav?

"What if the Rapture has *already* happened, and the only one missing is a monk from the Himalayas?"