Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 6:20 PM, EST

The blood transfusion went well today. It was a long day at the hospital, but everyone made sure Ally had enough medical supplies left in her birthday stash...she came home with lots more to replenish her supplies.

Her red blood cells should be up now, with the transfusion, but this transfusion did not include platelets. Based on how much her platelet count dropped from yesterday to today it looks like she will need to go up on Thursday or Friday for platelets.

Ally has been is a super good mood. Talking wise she is back to her old self. She still refuses to walk on her own, but is now willing to sit by herself for a bit, and will scoot herself off the couch for a diaper change (yes...she is still not potty trained, and it looks like it's not happening anytime soon). Oh well, we pick our battles. We are trying to encourage her to move around a little each day. Tonight's big challenge will be going half way up the stairs. We tried last night and it just ended with Ally tucking her legs into her body and refusing to move. Wish us luck on try #2.

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