Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010 4:42 PM, EST

Today has been a better day. Ally's temperature is holding steady in the lower 99s. Hopefully it will stay there as she gets her weekly antibiotic and continues to get her GCSF injections (which help her body make white blood cells). The THREE HOUR NAP today seems to be working well for Ally as well. We are hoping her temp will go back to normal soon, without a trip to the hospital.

Ally will have a blood draw tomorrow. Also hoping that her counts have not bottomed out again, and that she will not have to be transfused again on Monday or Tuesday.

Ally's spirits are pretty good. She can get quite emotional. Such as yesterday, when I was reading her this lovely book about a dog getting lost in the snow, and then his family finding him. We have read the book several times in the past, but yesterday she was hysterical when the puppy got lost. I had to stop reading, calm her down and then quickly read to the part where the puppy finds his family. Then, 3 minutes later she was laughing about something else. Generally though, she is in a good mood. She still doesn't want to walk on her own.

Those steps she took on her own the other day seem to be a fluke. There is some talk about a physical therapist, but there is also talk that her body just may not be ready to begin walking again. We feel if we can just get her to stand and do a little walking each day, hopefully it will increase bit by bit and eventually she will do it willingly.

Ally's tummy is still a bit sensitive. Last night she puked, but we think it was because we stopped her pump, flushed her tubie through, and then gave her medicine...too much in her tummy at one time. At least it was right before we were going to bring her upstairs for bed, so we just made a quick detour for a bath and Ally was good.

Here is to an uneventful week!

Fun Little Tid Bit: A one block ambulance ride in NYC (literally across the street) costs roughly $4,000. (Ally did this twice.) Thank goodness for insurance!

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