Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ally catchup. . . .

Ally on Friday
Friday, February 19, 2010 6:52 PM, EST

Thanks for all of your positive thoughts today. We will not have news about Ally's Brain MRI or the echocardiogram until next week.

We are off to NYC for 2 weeks. We leave on Sunday. The first week is more scans. The second week will be 3f8 (antibody therapy) treatment.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010 4:15 PM, EST

We got Ally's blood counts back for today. Her red and white cells are great! This means no transfusion and NO MORE SHOTS!!! (The poor girl has been getting a shot in the leg for 16 days.)

Bonus snow day! I got to stay home with Ally today (and get some shopping in this morning...although it was for school purposes).

Here is the rest of the week...dreading Friday:
Wednesday: Daddy home with Ally (because he is working this weekend)
Thursday: Auntie Lynn comes for the day
Friday (February 19th...our least favorite day in the world) MRI scan, Echo-cardiogram and meeting with the nutritionist.
2/19/08 - We learn Ally's cancer is high-risk
2/19/09 - We learn the cancer is back.
Saturday - packing
Sunday - Off to NYC with Auntie Kelly.

Lately Ally has been randomly bringing up things that happened months ago; for example, she started talking about how much she misses Scott the Builder who made her Make-a-Wish Playhouse!

Here’s a photo of Ally walking home from the store!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Today we took Ally to the dinosaur exhibit.
She was terrified!!!
She actually had a pretty good time, although the life size moving dinos did scare her a bit. She really liked all the little games they had after looking at the dinosaurs.

“Big teeth!”: Ally at the Dinosaur Museum

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