Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010 7:18 PM, EST

Our weekend went okay. On Friday night we turned Ally's feeding tube on and left it on until she went to the hospital for chemo today. We were hoping this would ease the puke situation, but alas, it did not. She was getting about 40 ounces of pediasure through her tube a day, and puking up about 25-30 ounces each day. Today she weighed in at 21 pounds. The doctors are working on a plan to get Ally's weight back up, and to curtail the puking. Ally's doctor is also being a rockstar and helping us with NYC. The people down there are not our favorites, as they lack basic communication skills. Ally's doctor has been e-mailing like crazy and helping us out tons! Ally started chemo. It will run all 5 days, but luckily she gets to come home each night! Grammy and Grampa report that Ally stayed in her bed all day, but did play with some puzzles and read some books. She also kept tabs of EVERYONE in the hall. She was super excited when her doctor came in with some medical supplies to play with!
Well, that's about it. Ally has no energy, we can't stop her from puking and she is doing chemo this week. All in all she is handling it pretty well.

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