Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010 8:13 PM, EST

Today has been a very good day for Ally (if you don't count the 2AM puke).

At work Mommy received s couple of gifts for Ally, both of which she opened and loved! (She can't wait to watch the Dora DVD and she has been playing with the piggy all night.) Mommy also got several cards for Ally. Her teacher friends were very generous and got Ally some gift cards to Toys R Us and Build A Bear, both of which have HUGE stores in NYC! Since we are going back at the end of February and we should have a couple of days free we may wait until then to use them.

When Mommy got home there were lots of cards and 2 packages for Ally. She LOVED the cards! She was also impressed with the animal figurines that came in one of the packages and immediately made them poop! Yippie!
[Note: that package was from listener and listener’s squeeze!] (The second package was the shots we have to start giving her tomorrow....yuck.)

At the hospital Ally was the star of the day. All the nurses and doctors signed a card for Ally and came in to sing her "Happy Birthday". Even though the staff may have thought Ally was scared to death, she truly enjoyed the singing. BEST OF ALL Ally got a HUGE bag of medical supplies!!!!!! This may be her most favorite present ever! She actually sat on the floor and played with the stuff for 20 minutes when she got home.

Today was a good if only this scratchy throat and runny nose would go away.

Happy Birthday to Ally tomorrow!!! It's nice to celebrate something.

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