Monday, February 09, 2009

Feeding the Eagles

Taken in Comox BC

A beautiful morning feeding the eagles. Jan.2009

Feeding the Eagles Jan.2009

No zoom! I was this close! Jan.2009

Aren't they funny! Jan.2009

Sorry I can't give more attribution, this came to me via email. If anyone knows, feel free to leave a note in the comments, and I'll transfer it here.


Turtlepace said...

I would be interested in finding out more about this. WHO is feeding the Eagles...shouldn't they be left alone - wild and independent.

Beautiful photos for sure...I got the same via email and no idea where they came from originally.

puddle said...

Ya. Mixed feelings here, also.

Keep checking back -- maybe someone will leave the answer. I'm getting a lot of hits on this one from Canada.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure this is NOT in Comox. It is in Alaska and the Eagle Lady has been feeding them for 30 years.
Check this out

Turtlepace said...

Sounds likely as I checked all Comox tourist sites and none mention this. I still have mixed feelings about what is happening here. It doesn't matter if this is in Comox or in Alaska. We have an area in Squamish,BC where hundreds of Eagles can be seen feeding on Salmon that has spawned and died. Nobody feeds these guys.

Anonymous said...

Turtlepace: I do not agree with this feeding of eagles and neither does the town of Homer Alaska. The lady passed away last month and now the town wants the feeding stopped. They have allowed a two month moritirium on the feeding because they will die if left unfed in the winter months. I imagine it will stop in the spring.

Turtlepace said...

Thanks for filling us in on what's happening in Homer, Alaska. Glad the feeding will phase out...once wild animals are used to human intervention it is difficult to get them independent again. Hopefully it will work out.

The photos are beautiful, but the circumstances were questionable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying this for us! I live in Comox and could not figure out where this beach would be and I wasn't happy that someone would be feeding the eagles here (or anywhere)! Also, never have seen this many eagles in one place and so tame but it makes sense because they are being fed. Glad to hear of the feeding phase out as well!

Susan said...

" The bottom picture is definitely from Homer Alaska. The same red and green roofed feeder is in the book "The Eagle Lady".

Anonymous said...

As a long time resident of the Comox Valley, I can unequivocally state that these pictures were not taken in the Comox Valley, (Comox/Courtenay, B.C.). Although we have have had upwards of two hundred eagles here at one time, we do not have a "feeding station". They are fed, on a limited basis in parts Nova Scotia, but only as a last resort during unduly harsh winters and limited food supply. The photographer has probably fabricated the location and it is possibly not even his picture.

Anonymous said...

This is not Comox, BC, but Homer, Alaska.

Jean Keene started the practice of feeding the eagles about 20 years ago.

She passed away January '09, and the practice has been stopped for the benefit of the birds:

I've been up close to these birds before, but only a couple at a time. This must have been quite a sight to see in person!

Bernard said...

I'm a TV producer for Radio-Canada, the french public television in Canada. We actually work on a story related to the feeding of owls with mouses by photographs in southern Quebec during the winter season. No regulation exists here to supervise this activity, like in Homer Alaska for the eagles. We have a small segment in our story exposing the situation in Homer. To illustrate that, we would like to use two of the eagles pictures we can see on this page. it will be for around 7 seconds in our story.
Do you know who we can contact to have the permission for using it,