Wednesday, June 01, 2016

ALLY UPDATE from Ally’s Mom:

Ally, with a mouthful of M&Ms. ;-)
Hello All,

Things have been going well for our family.  We are all doing well with school and jobs.  Ally (and Mommy, a teacher) will be finishing up school in about 3 weeks.  Ally has enjoyed 3rd grade this year, and is still involved with dance.  Her recital is coming up in mid-June.

We continue to work on putting weight on her.  It is a slow process, and she has not gained much over the past 5 months, but she hasn't lost any either.  Hopefully a hot summer full of ice cream will help.

Over the summer Ally does need to have ear surgery.  She has a hole in one of her ears from the tubes.  They are going to take some cartilage from another part of her ear to fix the hole.  This will mean no swimming and ear plugs in the shower.  There is also some hearing loss with the weeks to months recovery process, so we split the difference and scheduled it for the very end of July, so she would only miss a couple weeks of the local pools being open, and hopefully some hearing would come back before school starts.  She is not looking forward to this, and is mostly upset that it will hurt for a while, and she will be dizzy for up to a week.  I promised her lots of cartoons, snuggling on the couch, and waiting on her hand and foot for a couple of days.

That's about it for now.  I will be sure to update after the surgery.

Happy Almost Summer!

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whitznd said...

Good news! Hurray for Summer!