Wednesday, June 06, 2012

5 June 2012, 7:30pm
This evening Ally lost her 5th tooth!  The tooth fairy has been working overtime.  She lost her first 3 (on the bottom) over a month ago.  She lost #s 4 & 5 on Sunday and today.  Her top two front teeth.....we have to stop asking her to say "thistle" "teeth" "Christmas" and other fun words like that....maybe we will stop in a few days, it's too much fun right now!
On Thursday Ally will have her monthly port easy needle stick into her port to flush it with saline and heparin.  Ally is REALLY good with having her port accessed.  We have met (and heard) a lot of kiddos that are not okay with having their port accessed, which is totally kid wants to get stuck in their chest with a really big needle.  Ally is completely okay with the process; she doesn't use numbing cream, and just lays very still while the whole thing is going on.  I think she understands that it is easier for everyone if she just stays calm.  (Plus she has been doing it for 4 years, so she doesn't remember a time when she was not getting stuck with needles.)
Next weekend (June 16) is Ally's first dance recital!  I will be sure to post some pictures!
June 18th is my last day at work, and Ally's first day of swim lessons....summer is almost here!

(Top picture is of Ally on Sunday with one missing tooth.  The picture in the post is tonight, with 2 missing teeth, and dinner on her face.)


Shirlee in NC said...

What a Trooper little
Ally Is!!!! Lesson for all of us!

puddle said...

She is that, for sure!!